Salt and Pepper Group believes that your most marketable characteristic is under the surface…. we build brands by deeply understanding the essence of each client.

With a combination of above, below and through-the-line mediums, Salt and Pepper Group’s holistic approach to advertising campaigns leaves every client beyond satisfied.

Your company’s product or services receive optimum exposure because of our commitment to support all advertising campaigns, with targeted public relations and integrated marketing services.



Your company’s product or services receive optimum exposure because of our commitment to support all advertising campaigns, with targeted public relations that include the compilation of niche-specific press releases.

Not only do we research and source applicable media, but we also build consistent professional media relationships, that maximise your company’s public profile. We also assist our clients in determining their target audience, or niche market, so that solid relationships between client and market can be established.


The retail environment offers a four-dimensional space to present the brand, through height, width, depth and time.

It gives an opportunity to relate to the full range of the sensory perception of the consumer. At Salt and Pepper Group, we believe that retail space can, and should be exploited. To the maximum. Retail branding should reach beyond merely staging an experience. It should fully engage with the retail customer.

Salt and Pepper Group has developed a unique strategic process, Urban Branding. This allows the consumer to interact with both the tangible and intangible elements of the brand. Urban Branding positioning expresses the positive attributes of the brand in the four dimensions, exploiting the environment to unite customers with the values of the brand. They are absorbed by immersion in a physical or virtual brand experience, characterised by the qualities of education, escapism, and entertainment.

This creates a single retail destination for the consumer to be extended throughout the repetition of an environment, such as retail, banking or fast food, to ensure standification and consistency.

A brand should develop an environmental relationship that unites customers with the performance of the brand. Known for our acute understanding of the realities of implementation, our process includes a robust set of conversion stratifications, allowing for application across the retail environment.


As strategic brand consultants, SPG has developed clearly defined strategies based upon a formal approach and sound business principles. We research and design what is critical to the delivery of brand content and meaning. These processes assess the brand in its current and future environment before migrating the brands to their desired potential.

The demarcation lines between product branding and the corporate brand have been blurred. Product equivalence, regulation and new media distribution, are placing a greater emphasis on brands than ever before.
The brand has become the core of the modern corporation, projecting corporate personality directly to respective stakeholders. Brand building, once seen largely as an externally focused activity, is now at the heart of corporate strategy.

Numerous national branding programmes have been developed and implemented successfully by SPG. We have been responsible for the total strategic marketing and brand development and implementation of major corporate brand programmes such as those for Qatar Airways, Neotel, CTMM, Gautrain, Pepsi SA, UT, Southdowns, Seda, Shell, Rand Water and Aerotropolis.

Track Record

During the past 17 years, SPG has earned an invaluable reputation for functional marketing innovation, receiving numerous awards. We have designed significant national product, leisure and retail projects, understanding the challenge of applying design to enhance and distinguish your commercial strategy. The companies and brands that have been positioned for the future by SPG are admired in the marketplace.
Our design processes cover all the potential brand applications: consumer, corporate, retail, service, and digital.

Our extensive experience in consumer branding enables us to create unique on-target brand presence programmes and our long relationship with leading companies in many industries has resulted in a process for building brand value in the property industry and infrastructure arenas. We are intensely proud of our reputation for delivering in the marketplace and appreciate the trust that our clients have placed in us over many years.

Our strategies are focused on Return On Investment (ROI) and being implementable.


Though market share remains an essential goal, we believe that mindshare holds the most effective promise of long-term sustainable advertising success.