Since 2000 Salt and Pepper Group has grown to become one of the most successful branding and design consultancies. SPG has worked globally in countries such as UK, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Bucharest, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Angola. We have been ranked among the top local consultancies and have received major recognition and acclaim.

Clients that employ our design and branding skills have distinguished their products, organisations, and services, adding emotional appeal to intrinsic promise.
As a strategic brand consultancy and design practice, we rely on our people and their collective and individual culture. We value this asset and realise that our product depends on this unique attribute. We believe in the quest for innovation, delivered within commercial reality.

At SPG we value basic human emotion, perception, real needs, aspirations, influences and above all, honest brand values. The hallmark of our brand strategies and design is innovative, practical and commercial design, which delivers in the marketplace.




We creatively implement our design expertise with originality, to express your company’s prominence with impact. We will ensure that your first impression is first-class and lasting.